The 7 Best Wordpress Plugins

I just got done submitting 30 articles for a customer of mine. The fact is article marketing is a way. What is article marketing, you may be asking. Allow me to explain, first of article marketing is not something that some geek that is net came up with. It has been around far before we had the internet.

Dashboard is your control of wordpress hacked. Similar to your car's dash it tells you things about your site and allows you control and to alter many features of your such as the theme.

My JavaScript sunk! : Keep the"Display a notification about every script error" checked in IE if you use it as your main browser during development especially when using javascript errors - which I try to maintain a minimum anyway. IE has a habit of overlooking javascript errors differently leading one to believe that all is well - until you start getting phone calls! Remember though to test in browsers that brings, me to the tip.

Replace PHP with HTML where possible. This one is the way to reduce your HTTP requests. Many people have. Instead of using the PHP code that tells the pages to be listed by WordPress look at here now , simply list the pages in HTML. Also, in your header.php file you will see your links to your style sheet, rss feeds, and anything else use the line of PHP code that calls for your site URL. Replace these lines of PHP code with your blog URL that is actual. This goes for your footer.php file also.

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If you are experiencing errors you this hyperlink can check if ActiveX, Java applets, or script is blocked on your browser settings. Internet explorer or another program such as firewall or antivirus may block those procedures. Error that is JavaScript may be fixed by undoing the block. To reverse the block my review here on internet explorer go to tools, internet options, security, and default level.

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